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Our mission is to help businesses deliver natural and intuitive services at scale using cognitive automation.
Lets enable the chat interface for your business together.

Conversational experience and business process automation made easy

We offer customized chat bot, voice apps, conversational apps, automation and computer vision solutions.

let’s talk about you. Whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, you need a chatbot that takes care of the routine mundane tasks so you can focus on your job.We will help you

  • Deliver personalized user experience across the digital touch points.
  • Improve user satisfaction.Reach more audience
  • Engage users.
  • Automate backend work flow process.
  • Reduce support costs.

Product Features

Conversation flow designer

A visual flow designer to create chat scripts, knowledge base and business usecase work flows with less coding required.

Natural language processing

A machine learning engine that can be tuned to understand the intent and extract the entities scoped and relevant to your business functions.


A conversation engine which is scalable and extensive to integrate with various messaging channels, IoT devices and third party apis.

Rich media

Support for rich content like images, audio, videos and files along with simple plain text messages makes conversations interesting.

Create chatbots with less coding

Using our drag drop visual flow designer, you can create flows to automate any kind of business use cases.

Configure training dataset of sample utterances, knowledge base to set up the AI for the bot.

Connect your chat flows to different authentication, CRM and payments apps depends on the work flow requirement.

Configure messages for an instant or schedule delivery to different channels.

Build once and deploy anywhere

Using test console, you can test the bot thoroughly before you launch.Debugger helps you to find the issues and fix them.

Check machine learning prediction scores for your test utterances and tune the training dataset to improve the accuracy.

Launch your chat bot in various channels like Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Whatsapp, SMS, Mail, Slack, Telegram, Line, Mobile app and IoT devices like Amazon echo and Google home in no time.

Bots platform technology stack

Our platform’s robust and flexible architecture runs on AWS cloud infrastructure and allows us to offer on-premise deployment.

Studio provides all the necessary building blocks to design, test and deploy the bots at scale.

AI engine comprises of differnt modules helps to process text and images.

Extensive enough to integrate with custom channels and custom machine learning models.

Platform follows strict security guidelines and complainces across the architecture.

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More Features


Schedule and automate tasks, schedule messages at particular day and time and frequency.Broadcast the messages to users.

Admin Console

Access control, deployment approvals, key management, Audit logs, Chat logs, Analytics and reports.

Human Handover

Seemlessly handover the conversation to a human agent in case bot is unable to understand the user queries.


Encryption at rest.Encrypt all the messages exchanged between a user and the bot using 256 bit asymetric key.

Our Products

Suite that makes end to end bot development easy, extensive and customizable

Z-Bot Studio

Design, Test and Deploy. All in one place. Flow designer helps you design flows for any complex business use cases.

Z-Chat Server

Conversation layer which connects to front end channels, third party apis, maintains the context and talks to AI engine.

Z-AI Engine

Uses machine learning techniques to understand the intent, sentiment, semantics and extract the entities.


A conversational AI platform that helps businesses to build chat bots quickly and launch them in various channels like Facebook messenger, Google Assistant, Whatsapp, SMS, Mail, Mobile app and IoT devices like Amazon echo and Google home..etc

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